Are you doing o…

Are you doing okay? 

Are you looking for a way to make a dream come true?

Maybe a new business, or keeping an existing one alive, or finding a job, or most anything

but lack an idea, starting point, inspiration or in need of consultation….?

Mr Purpleman is here!

While not always serious;

he has many pearls of wisdom that come through intuition,

first hans knowledge,

or mostly from having held so many jobs,

read so many books,

and then made so many more mistakes

in more categories

than most people.

He may get verbose,

and make generalizations

such as he did this or that

more than most.

But he cares

He is only partly imaginary

and with his drinking of Purple Stuff

there is great wisdom

even if he is more dumber than most!

So go ahead

start the first Blog with him that is really yours!

Ask a question

and let’s see his solutions or ideas!

Please no filth or fakeness

The man is Legendary

but also Imaginary

So please;

ask only Real Life Questions!


Much Love;



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