To create a new…

To create a new conversation in a place where you are not known; use the 5 following steps

1. Carry a Purple Stuff

What is that? Where did you get it? How does it taste and work? That is funny. I have been looking for that! are all usual responses just by holding a can and not saying a word.

2. Offer to let them try it.

This creates a bond and after they try it… they feel as if they owe you a favor

3. Read up on the brand at and read the posts at FB under Purple Stuff so you are knowledgeable about the greatest soda invention since Coke became soda and not a patent medicine.

4. Smile; it releases endorphins and is contagious.

5. Listen; and when the time is right say “I Love Purple Stuff”

You are now a happy and social person that will get introduced to others.

By the end of the day; while boring people quote famous authors; the room will be quoting you as you quote yourself for spice!

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