When losing a Loved one there is a need for empathy often beyond your experience

I have lost family. In ways that are beyond a hearts ability to carry the burden.

Say, you lose a child, or somebody in a war; or your own new disabilities have hit you like an IED.

Anger and heartache flows like Lava and destroys the immune system and many cells that control the functioning of the human brain.

Voices of reason from other people cannot stop the helplessness or the consequences of pain and loneliness.

Helping others when you are in this state of depression seems like an impossible task;

yet the universe demands that you take your thoughts and love and help others to take some of the heat out of the lava.

This is necessary or your burning soul will burn down the rest of the village (family, friends, business associates, everybody you encounter).

The stress of life in horrible situations requires you to use your physical and emotional torture to become one with the human race and its field of unified consciousness.

The theory is easy; to practice the preaching is difficult.

Purple Stuff is a magical drink; because it is designed to give the taste of dreams and imagination that will give rise to a company whose family brings in all others through charity and Love. It heals and provides a family to join that will not judge you, nor pity you: but will inspire and help fund you helping others, so that your own pain is given to God, as you are too busy with Purpose in helping others; which ironically… cures you!

From the Wisdom of a Warrior who knows that Jesus had it right.

We are here to serve others, and our pain gives us the empathy to do more than those who have it easy and live in a bubble.

One day, they will get old and lose people too; and we will be there for them, despite their being in time only for themselves now.

Spread the Gospel of Purple Stuff!

This is not blasphemy;

It is self made prophecy with a betterment of humankind mission.

We co-create this world.

Join us, even if you only drink water.

It is not just the drink that has magic; its true power is getting more and more humans to join the family of Love, Peace and the added benefits of Purple Stuff!Image


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