Purple Stuff Educates the Beverage Industry – The forgotten American History of Relaxation sodas

The forgotten American History of Relaxation sodas

In 1886 John Smith Pemberton created a drink designed to cure nervousness.
The first advertisement ever done for the amazing beverage stated it was an “Intellectual Beverage and Temperance Drink.”
The drink was associated with goodness and purity, and intended to be a refreshing break from thoughts of stress.
The function was in the words of the company marketers, a drink to “pause” and “refresh” from the fatigue that comes after the dissipation of mental and nervous forces.

From the soda brand’s original corporate vision statement:
“Our task is simple: make Coca-Cola and our other products available, affordable, and acceptable to them, quenching their thirst and providing them a perfect moment of relaxation.”
When the great tasting soda gave up its active ingredient; thus losing its function as a relaxation beverage from a science standpoint, it never stopped that marketing position. Words like “Pause” and “refresh” stayed a part of its identity.

Consumers who at first bought the soda for its functionality, kept buying because it still had a great name, tasted awesome and refreshed as promised. The fact that it was refreshing and cheered people up as a social drink meant that the brand had kept on relaxing, even with caffeine and sugar, because it had emotionally branded with consumers.
Today we know that since the late 19th century; America has promoted the sales of soft drinks that are devoid of nutritional value.
This was not the vision of the founders of America’s greatest beverage companies.
The last 30 years have seen many functions being added back to beverages, such as energy and protein drinks. But the original vision of a wholesome, refreshing drink that reduces stress and nervousness had faded into forgotten history.
Three years ago Purple Stuff was launched to re-create the vision and original purpose of American soft drinks
Purple Stuff is low in calories, has B-Vitamins, and 100% GRAS FDA approved and healthy ingredients which are proven to
Improve cognitive performance, and reduce nervousness and anxiety.
Purple Stuff is marketed to the youth because it has nutritional content and the dietary change gets kids off caffeine and HFCS.
The lack of caffeine in Purple Stuff adds additional improvements in attention span and stabilizing mood swings.
Eliminating HFCS reduces a contributing risk factor in childhood obesity.
Purple Stuff has also attained the emotional branding of love and social happiness that Coke introduced so many years ago.
Purple Stuff is the temperance drink for the Y generation. Purple Stuff is the first soda born in their generation that they have adopted and love as their own.

It has taken over one hundred years to create the next American Legend in sodas.
It may take another 50 years before everyone knows that.
Okay by us. We will be here.
Join us on an Epic Adventure.
Carry the brand Purple Stuff.
The Purple Stuff mission is for the betterment of our children’s health; while using our profits for the enrichment of our resellers and our own community of followers.
The Big Lie is that there is a relaxation soda niche about sleep, or getting mentally impaired.
The Truth is that the relaxation soda niche is where every major soda brand in the world got their start. The CSD business is the Temperance category.

Now you know the rest of the story.
The relaxation category is the soda category.
A niche?
We think not.

Purple Stuff;
It’s just better soda.

“It is fun to do the impossible.”
Walt Disney


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